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BOMAG is the world market leader in the field of compaction technology and manufacturer of machines for the compaction of soil, asphalt and refuse. Stabilizers/recyclers, milling machines and pavers round off our portfolio. Compaction equipment from BOMAG is used in landscaping and the entire range of road construction and heavy dam construction. Furthermore, BOMAG provides special solutions for use on landfill sites of all sizes, for recycling damaged asphalt pavement, and for soil stabilization. BOMAG is a world leader in the measuring, documentation and control of compaction work during and after the compaction process. BOMAG machines fulfill wide ranging requirements with extensive equipment variations and a worldwide internal network of compaction experts.
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Be Ready for the Road Ahead

Machines for all stages of the road construction life cycle

When it comes to road construction, the variables are always changing. The right machines, the right timing, and the right people are critical. For your road projects, trust the experts. Reliability, technology, and complete service are all rolled into one with the BOMAG line of products. 

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Equipment Lineup

  • Road construction is a complex task. That's why every BOMAG paver is systematically designed for efficiency, regardless of the class or whether it's a wheel or chain version.
  • This applies as much to the lower fuel consumption as to fast operational readiness and excellent pre-compaction
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Asphalt Rollers, Single Drum Rollers & Soil Compactors
  • All construction projects have one thing in common: they require load-bearing subsoil. This is why single drum rollers and soil compactors play a crucial part in the construction process.
  • Specifications however are highly diverse - a contractor working next to a listed house has to use a compaction method which is entirely different from that used in conventional road construction. BOMAG provides a wide range of single drum rollers and soil compactors for every type of work.
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Cold Planers
  • BOMAG offers a wide range of innovative cold planers, and has set new technical standards, especially for ease of maintenance and milling technology. Each model is highly versatile due to built-in adaptability.
  • With excellent maneuverability and compact design, these planers are most suitable for selective removal of road surfaces and pavements, especially in confined work areas, and for country and arterial roads.
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Recyclers & Stabilizers
  • BOMAG soil stabilizers and recyclers handle every construction site to perfection. From car parks, roads, landfill sites, and dam construction to industrial areas, major highways, railway tracks and airports - BOMAG recyclers are used on a wide variety of applications.
  • The unique product range is designed for varied fields of application such as crushing asphalt, soil stabilization, or cold recycling.
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Refuse Compactors
  • The basis for landfill site profitability is optimum utilization of capacity, which means the best possible compaction of all waste materials. BOMAG refuse compactors achieve this requirement as they have been specifically designed to work under the extreme conditions found on landfill sites.
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Application Uses for your BOMAG Products

Soil Compaction
  • Trenches and backfill
  • Horticulture and landscaping
  • Road and motorway construction
  • Railroad construction
  • Dam construction
  • Airport construction
  • Mining
  • Post-compaction of foundation soils
  • Crushing and compacting rocks / stone
  • Continuous compaction control

Asphalt Compaction
  • Car parks and industrial yards
  • Road, motorway and pavement construction
  • Airport construction
  • Repair and maintenance work
  • Thin layers and open-pore asphalt layers
  • Continuous compaction control

Asphalt Paving
  • Car parks and industrial areas
  • Laying crushed rock
  • Road and motorway construction
  • Leveling
  • Hydraulically bound bearing courses
  • Airport construction

Asphalt Milling
  • Selective milling
  • Deep milling

Stabilizing and Recycling
  • Soil stabilization
  • Road recycling